Our Customers

KOI Thé Cambodia

Customer Loyalty and Prepaid Solutions – KHMER-IO have been providing full solutions to KOI Thé Cambodia since 2017. We provide end to end solutions ranging from software to hardware integrations. Mobile applications development, Point-of-Sale integrations, and business aspect of the industry 4.0 era. With our solutions, KOI Thé Cambodia has the ability to get closer to their customers, as well as magnetise the interests of their customers.

Amber Project

In Campus Payment Solutions – KHMER-IO designed and developed in campus payment solutions for Amber Project. Amber Project is a pilot for project for École Royale d’Administration (ERA). The project aim is to introduce smart card for Students and Staffs. The system consists of 3 main components.

  • NFC Smart Card – it is a smart card which contained all information about students and financial information so that students and staffs could make payment to the cafeteria, and parking service. The students and staffs can also top-up their account at the student affair office.
  • Payment Terminal – HMPOS4 was used as a top-up and payment processing terminal
  • Server Application – The server application is developed in JAVA Enterprise Platform. It consists of two sub-components:
    • Back-End – this hold and process all data.
    • Back-Office – this is an online user graphical interface where administrative users could configure and interact with the system.
  • Mobile Applications – We developed application for students and staffs so that they could check their financial transactions. The mobile application available in two major mobile platforms: iPhone and Android phone.

POSCAR Cambodia

We provided solutions on attendance collecting device. We designed both software and firmware so that the device could read data from smart card and submit to server.